Rental cheating?

@KartingIsLife given that you have a fleet of these… is there anything that can be done to a rental engine to make it faster? By the user. Surreptitiously.

My thought is “no” since these are rentals and they’d notice you putting it on a stand and splitting the engine open.

But seeing as how you have experience with rental fleets, got any good stories?

I know on some fleets/karts where I can see/reach the governor spring, I will reach over and push/pull that thing to get some more RPMs. If I am feeling real sleezy, I’ll bend the governor before I even get in so that I have more RPMs the whole time.

Doesnt work on all karts, but it has worked for me in the past.


Hmmmmm. You don’t say. Would it be accessible from the top of a gx270? Is this the type of thing you could surreptitiously mess with while putting around the back chicane? Like so?


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You sneaky racer. :sunglasses::checkered_flag::heart: This would be especially useful against younger, lighter kids.

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Yep governor lever/spring if it’s available. It will limit peak RPM to Something like 3600 (think 60hz) stock. We have those removed and manage RPMs with gearing. They are a pain to get to work equally across the fleet.

One time when I was driving those fun park karts with bodywork I made a tool of myself by hitting the ignition switch with my hand while trying to defeat the governor :laughing:


Hmmm. I was a bit baffled by a heavy guys pace out there. Could be faster driver, but the kart wasn’t that fast in the first half when his partner was on it. He passed me and pretty much walked me, which makes no sense since we had lapped them in 1st half. The two of us walked every other kart down the fast bits, as well. Feels a bit sus. If they had won the kart lottery, they would have been lapping us first half.

This is why I don’t like money races. We won the cash but it was contested by that guy. No cash, no tears. The dirt oval guys that race for money all the time must be deep in it. But they have tech to deal with.

I can think of no other reason for a racer to be reaching over there…


I hate that the weirdness of the pace if this race got me questioning this stuff. A win is a win but again, the win kind of sucks because of this sort of crap, if it’s indeed the case. I guess I am like Tanguy in some ways in that I just can’t enjoy my win because I know it’s flawed or something.

Did the kart turn on, lurch forwards, and run over someone’s toes?

I can’t remember a track here that still use a governor here (unless on a kid rental). But sometimes you might have a kart that doesn’t accelerate all the way and you can pull the cable from there


No it turned off while I was driving :laughing:

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Terminal Loss of Pace then.

Here I was thinking you were asking this for our upcoming endurance race😂

I remember I had debris hit my kill switch once during a warmup lap and I had to start the engine again while rolling into the green flag

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No but we could employ the strat and piss off Chris. On second thought, no.

Funny, This made me think of a story someone told me a while ago.

I was talking to someone about karting and they were talking about how he and a few friends went every so often to a rental karting place. Turns out he would sneak a 10mil spanner in his sock and adjust the something on the carb (I forget what exactly it was) when he left the pits to increase the rpm and he would then pass everyone and then re-tighten it when he came back in!

a funny little story that came to mind when I saw this topic!

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i’ve been to amusement park type rentals, and many times they “govern” the motor with how the throttle cable is set, or stops on the gas pedal. i’ve found the throttle cable, sometimes a rod, but all you have to do is grab it and pull on it. makes it a bit more fun with the extra speed, and trying to weave through traffic with one hand on the wheel.

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I bet this thread low-key becomes real well read.

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