Rental kart bouncing


As I’m trying to get faster at my local track with rentals, I find that the kart sometimes suddenly starts to bounce rather violently in one specific corner. After doing some research on my own, I found out that it might be the rear inside wheel that’s being lifted up and dropping back down too fast.

This is definitely slowing me down, and also throws me around in the seat which is not very pleasant. I’m not sure if my theory about the inner rear wheel lifting and dropping is correct, but more importantly I don’t know how to prevent/fix this behaviour (am I entering the corner too fast? am I steering too much?).

I found a video of this thing happening at the same track in the same corner,

(from his POV it looks like he might be entering the corner a bit too fast, but I found that even when making the apex and not exiting too wide, the kart still bounces. EDIT: 10:15 is a better example). Depending on the kart, the bouncing can be worse or better and sometimes also happens in the fast, full-throttle corners (the bouncing is less severe in these corners). Again, I’m not quite sure how to prevent this and how to react when it does happen.

Though a rental kart is going to be much less affected by traditional hopping since it’s heavier and running harder tires, your theory is correct. Typically hopping is caused by the inside rear unloading and loading quickly, in oscillation.

You can try a couple things to fix it with driving. Less severe steering inputs will help keep the kart more stable and reduce the likelihood that you overload the tires and cause it to hop. You can also try using your body to control where the weight transfer is going. If you really lean outward into the corner and press your body into the outside of the seat, you can try and put more weight on the outside tire and keep the inside tire from dropping down in the corner.

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Thank you! I’ll try this next time. Would adjusting the seating position also help with this? I imagine putting the seat a tad more towards the rear might help settle the inside rear?

Yeah if seat position is adjustable, absolutely. I would move it back a bit at a time and see what that does.

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