Replace brake Caliper pistons. Yay or nay?

Would you consider these as worn? there are no leaks in the system, and I’m rebuilding it.

Yes. May still be functional and work fine for a while. But they have signs of wear and pitting, in my opinion, not worth the risk and potential rework later on


Agree with Andy. You already have the hard work done and have them out. Just replace and not have to worry about it come race day.


The most preventive maintenance you can do is best. May cost you time and money in the short term but there is nothing worse then having to do a major repair on the stress off race day. Learned late in my karting career the importance of preventative maintenance, rather miss a practice session then a race.


my opinion using and expression i have learned in kartpulse . " Sent it " to the garbage bin sir .
good morning .

hahaha i have figure it out. I will do the opposite.

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