Replay Prime X

I have a Replay XD Prime X video camera that I use to record my races. I purchased it used on eBay about two years ago.The picture is crisp and the performance of the camera has been great until a few months ago. If the camera runs for more than 15 or 20 minutes it gets very hot, will not shut down until the battery completely discharges (3 hours or more) and nothing is recorded. If I catch it before the 20 minutes, shut it down, let it cool off, I get a video and it will restart.
I have performed a reset on the camera and it works with no problem for a month or so and then goes back to this aggravating pattern.
I had heard that the manufacturer had gone out of business. Now I see a new site called Associated Electrics. They haven’t answered my inquiry.
Does anyone have experience with or suggestions for this camera?

Is battery replaceable? Sounds like its bad if its heating up.