Rest in peace ken

Not quite karting related but he’s an inspiration to many to start racing, including me, rest in peace ken block


Wow…Tragic news. I’ll always appreciate what he contributed to car/motorsports culture over the years. RIP

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Huge bummer. He has to be one of the most influential people in the motorsports/extreme sports space in the last 20 years. What he did to bring car culture, rallying, car building and more to the general public cannot be understated. He is an absolute icon of motorsport and I think a ton of young drivers owe their love of cars and racing and just plain having fun on four wheels to him and his entire empire.

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Without a doubt the impact he’s had in Motorsport is bigger than almost anyone else

Wow. It seems like so many get hurt doing some other activity than their own the last several years. Schumacher, Nicky Hayden, now Ken Block on freaking snowmobile. What a shame.

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Also in a more direct relation to us… I believe his daughter was racing karts with LAKC the last couple years. And he posted a lot about her karting, exposing the sport to millions of people.

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I’m so bummed to hear of this. Ken spent a fair amount of time at the kart track with his daughter Lia.

Outside of that he brought a COLOSSAL amount of attention to automotive activities and had incredible creativity when it came to content.

I can’t imagine what his wife and daughter are going through right now.


Holy cow. The DC shoes and Hoonigan empires…not to mention VSC…very influential guy.

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That was unexpected sad news. Didn’t ever meet him but he seemed to really love driving/racing and brought a whole new vibe to it. Much respect for his accomplishments.

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It’s a real shame. He had a great battle in ARA last year with the Subaru team. He’ll be really missed.

Read about it tonight. 2023 is starting off on the wrong foot.