Restrictor on Rotax Max

I’m running a senior max Evo restricted to 28hp. I am not looking at going back to racing this year, so will mostly be doing practice laps and decided to remove the restrictor.

Will it do any harm to the engine?

Will I need to change anything?

Last stupid question: where is it located lol??

thank you

I’m not sure about whether removing the restrictor will damage your engine(don’t think it would)

But for all Rotax Max Engines it is located at the back of the engine where the exhaust sits.When you take the exhaust off the restrictor sits on the back of the engine.The exhaust then slips onto the restrictor.

The restrictor sits on the hole below the power valve.

Sorry if i can’t explain this properly.

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I thought 28hp was the senior spec? Any changes that add power are probably worth jetting up for as a precaution.

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ok thank you I will look into it

no the senior max Evo is 30hp

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Odds are if it’s making anything above 25hp your motor does not have a restrictor present, your likely to find your exhaust flange is fully open.

About what restrictor are you talking? On an normal senior there is no.