Returning to Karting - Uneven Front Tire Wear

Hello everyone. I’ve recently gotten back into karting after a 20 year hiatus. After driving yesterday, I noticed uneven wear on the contact patches front tires (please see photo). Tires were new at the beginning of the day. The contact patch on the outside appears to not be near the wear of the inside.

I’m belive (I think?) that a chassis adjustment needs to be made here. This may have been instinct when I was doing this previously, but I’m currently at a loss as to what to do.

Any advice and/or suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you,


Completely normal, some will flip tires between race days to get more use of the rubber. Even happens on the rear tires.


You could always try reducing camber a little and see how the kart responds. It is a good sign though that the total width of the wear pattern is still wider than the distance between the dots, so I don’t think you are SO cambered that you are reducing the contact patch. It is starting to cone on the inside (normal), so you might be able to get longer life with less camber if it reduces the coning without giving up grip.

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