Rib vest question


I found a bengio rib vest in marketplace but I am not sure if the crack in the photo will make it unusable. Would you consider that vest to be worthy?


I’d pass. The structural integrity is what makes it rigid.
It would help, some, but you’d be better off with one that’s intact.

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Are Ribtect vests any good?
I have seen quite a few in ebay:

The thing about rib vests is the fit is personal - a balance between your shape, the shape of the vest and the shape of your seat. One size does definitely not fit all, or most!

You’ll often see the opinion that “the answer is Bengio” here on KartPulse (I have one and like it) but as with anything in karting, YMMV. If you can try a Ribtect vest on to check the sizing and fit to get the correct size, that would be an advantage.

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Yeah basically what Dean said. I’ve had a few brands… alpinstras, bengio, K1, etc. They all are a bit different. The important bit is how they sit on you.

I did not like the k1 at all, too thick. The alpinstars was very comfy but not rigid enough. The bengio is very good…

but so is the greyhound and Tillet. The ribtect on ebay seems like a relatively inexpensive way to dip your toes in. If it fits, that would likely be a good buy. They are a well respected brand and seem to make good products.

I think this is :100: the case. Between our bodies, seats and different postures it can be a very personal thing.

If you have time, pour a fresh one and have a read of this:

Thank you all for your input.
I bought the ribtect and see if that one works.


If you have a chance to try them at a track from someone else, do so. As others said, fit matters.

Stay away from soft models. Stick to those with hard shells like the OMP KS-1 or Bengio AB7 which are both top of the line units. For about half the price you can slide into a Bengio Bumper or OMP Pro.

I really liked my OMP Pro, but the clear outer shell is starting to crumble. Once it cracked, it didn’t take long for small chunks to start breaking off. It still took some pretty hard hits this weekend and protected my ribs, so I’m not sure if I’d go with another to replace it or not. I’m used to it and it works well for me, but one year of life seems short.

Our Bengio is starting to break down some. It’s about 18 months old now. I don’t know what a reasonable life span it.

His kart suit is about the same age and is starting to have some wear and abrasion issues.

My Bengio is in its 9th season.

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Yeah mine is kinda scraped up but still kicking. The straps are what seems to go eventually.

Bengio are very good.

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