Ribtech carbon fiber for rotax max Sr

Are ribtech carbon fiber too stiff for rotax max sr? Sould I switch to a Tillett t11t or t11 VG?!

I think its just a bit different. I’m not sure that the ribtect is “stiffer” since it is hand laid in their “x-pattern” which is designed to flex, but it is designed to flex in specific directions (hence the x-pattern). I’d say it will change the rest of the setup a little bit, so when comparing your setup to your friends setup even with the same chassis may not work how you think.

Is there a particular problem you’re looking to solve?

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Yeah unless you’re fighting a particular problem with the handling I would leave it. It is probably a bit stiffer, but I ran Ribtect and DeepSeats when I had my rib problems and I was able to make the kart work just fine at a pretty high level of competition so I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

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Not really just don’t wanna complicate my life with setup in the beginning!

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Ok perfect! i understand!!