Righetti ridolphi rear axle use and bend axles questions

Good evening, we have several bent axles in house and at that point the budget is very tight. We have found that righetti ridolphi is almost half the price from the otk medium rear axle 50mm.

Anyone has any experience with righetti rear axles? Are they whorth a try? Or the quality is below everage? I know that if we go with this option I have to buy also the axle keys coz they are 3 peg type and the otk type don’t fit on them…

The other question is that we have 4 bend axles in house. Is there any way to straighten them back to mint contition? Or a bent axle is what it is and put them away. Forget about them?

Many thanks in advance.
Cheers from greece!

They are good as another, recently bought one for my kz energy. Works really well

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Many thanks for the help Lukas!!

They are cheap enough that your wallet won’t break when you cut them :joy:

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We have used them, they are as good as everything else, they are fairly cheap, and you wont cry that much when its bend.


I think the RR axles are as good as OEM, you may not have the range that the OEM offers but for most of us, soft, med, hard is all we need. Just keep in mind your keys may not transfer from your original axle so you will likely want a set of those too.

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They have 9 different ones In their range,

Yes there is. Crude way is at the track with a sharpie and a dead-blow hammer. Not suggested unless it’s what you absolutely need to continue your day. There are companies that offer a professional straightening service and they usually want to fix it only once per axle. I used them and I can’t feel the difference but for sure the metal loses some of its properties. It’s always a safer bet to change it

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This is the one I use in US, I bet you have similar ones

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Thanks Andy! I will work that way then!

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