Right side wheel stagger


(Jeremy Moore) #1

Hello, I’m Jeremy. I’m new to the fourms and Kart racing. I recently purchased a 02 phantom banshee. I’m planning on running a 1/5 mile asphalt oval. Most guys are running 10" wheels on the right and 6.5" wheels on the left. I guess my question is what backspace is used to make a 10" front wheel work? I have a 9.5" I’ve been trying to put on to get an idea how a 10" will fit. Well I have to space it way out so it doesn’t hit on the inside… But then it’s sticking out the kart body 1" and won’t turn left without cutting some of the nose… I’m sure this is a dumb question or problem for most… But like I said I’m a newbie… Thanks for any and all reply.

(Eric Gunderson) #2

Hey Jeremy! Interesting to see you here on the KP forums, welcome! Not a ton of oval racers on here usually, but we always welcome the growth!

I’ve learned a lot from some of my oval racing friends about things they consider normal that sprint kart racers would never consider. A great community to ask a nuanced question like this might beBob’s 4-Cycle Forums, as they talk about stuff that makes my head spin sometimes.

(Ricky Worley) #3

So I’m not a circle track expert, but been at it 4 years or so during the winters. Generally you see 10" ride side wheels, a 5" or 6" LF, and 8 to 8.5" LR. I’ve also run a 9.25 on the RR for stagger purposes. All the 10" wheels I’ve use have a 4" backspacing, along with the 9.25" ones i have. Normally there is very little space between the inside of the wheel and the steering arm on the spindle, like 1/8" maybe. Pictures might also help to see what you have going on.

(Jeremy Moore) #4

Thanks for the reply guys. I actually did go over to Bob’s and got some answers. I got the wheels and tires to fit, and now on to try and set this old jewel up. I know it’s an antique… But only using it for seat time this year. Thanks and good luck to all of you.