Rims Alum or Mag?

How do I determine if my rims are aluminum or magnesium?

What brand are the rims, and do you have any pictures? Are there any markings engraved in the rims themselves? You may have to look closely as some are stamped in the rims and painted the same colour.

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Easy, toss one in the fire. If it melts, it used to be an aluminum rim, if it burns with the fire of 1000 suns, it used to be a magnesium rim.

Seriously though, what brand? Any photos?


If it is light, magnesium. If it is heavy, aluminum.

Magnesium wheel color tend to be:

  • gold
  • black
  • OXiTECH (grey/white)

Alu tend to be:

  • polished aluminum (looks like chrome)
  • anodized a number of colors

An aluminum wheel will bend. A magnesium wheel will crack

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Ok guys here is a pic of one of the rims. They are from a 2011 Top Kart Flash.

Probably magnesium.

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I just need to know as Iā€™m planning to get them powdercoated. Thanks for all the comments.

I bet its magnesium, the shape and the pattern of the wheel is look like a lot with the standart mag wheel that top cart sells as a part .