Rims for OTK LO206 in the PNW

I just finished my first season.

I only have one set of rims for stock tires and would like to get another set.

Would love some guidance/suggestions.

The various threads seem to say that MXC might be overkill for lo206 in this area.

Thank you.

Depends on the tire but usually the MXC is a good choice. Most guys around here run them on any chassis with the lo206 as long as the tire is MG red or softer. Also if the track is super low grip than maybe not.

I agree with depends on tire, temp and kart width.

I dont agree with the comments towards MG tires. In my opinion, MG Reds (or any MG) can be very hard to build and maintain temp in on a 206 atleast at 390lbs (Masters) in lower temps. Also, the type of track can make a big difference, for example what I run at MCC lower speed corners vs NCMP mainly high speed corners is significant along with track surface. On same ambient temp/tires/number of karts one track I will run Solid High Volume Mag (other side of wheel spectrum) vs MXC for optimum tire performance. You can see this as well in tire life between the tracks at MCC my tires are 3 years old with 6+ races on them. At NCMP they say 2 race days is the limit for a competitive tire. (Both run MG Red for club races)

That being said, on Vega Reds at MCC as the tire is quite a bit different expecially when new. I would run an MXC wheel.

So, I guess it depends but certainly MXC are a good wheel to keep in your arsenal for the right conditions. (Like certainly the Grand Nationals)

We run LeConte Red at one track. I don’t know yet about other tracks but will find out.

I was looking into this recently myself, and concluded on MXJ (stock) for colder days and MXC for hot days. Douglas SE is the cheaper clone version of the MXC, Douglas LV is the clone of the MXJ, neither as good as the original but 1/2 the price.

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