Rims On cadet Karts

Hi everyone, i’m looking to buy a 950 chassis to move my son up from honda to rotax, But 90% of the chassis ive seen( the ones i want) are being sold without the Rims or wheels. This might sound like a daft question but can i use any cadet wheels on these karts or i would have to get a manufacturer’s specific rims?

It partially depends on the manufacturer. Most brands, OTK, Birel, Intrepid for example use the same bolt pattern. A few random brands like CRG and Kart Republic use something different.


Both are readily available. The CRG bolt pattern a little less so. Expect to pay a slight premium for them.

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Yep definitely available, just gotta keep that in mind so he doesn’t end up with rims he cant use.

Thanks for the reply. started to do some research and ended up down a rabbit hole and got confused. I have a project one 900 with spare tyres and Rims, was just wondering if i could keep them for the 950 chassis. Chassis makers i was looking at is a 950 OTK or synergy.

In warm conditions look to get a set of magnesium, as this will help disperse heat and with low performance engines, that will be good for releasing out of corners.