RLV DD87 pipe on KPV100?

I have been running yamaha kt100 direct drive . At local club…I just got a KPV100 to run and was wondering if the dd87 pipe will run on the KpV motor With the clutch . The header will have to be modified but other than that? Or best to keep the number 3 pipe?

I would stay with the kpv3 pipe on your kpv. The DD pipe would probably make more on the top end like the kpv4 pipe but will also be just a bit slower off the corner and wear your motor out more because of the higher revs.

There is a specific Kpv pipe or it runs the rlv 3 ?

Yes, there is specifically a horseman HPV 2, 3 and 4 pipe. Although I am not sure of the difference other than name of the RLV3 pipe and the Horstman 3 pipe. The look very similar. Maybe a bit of difference in length, I don’t know.

Would the pipe for that engine be called K3 or K4