Road Atlanta-Petit LeMans

Anybody going?
I’ll be there with a 4 day pass and camping in the Infield. Being new here it would be great to say hello and meet a few KartPulse folks in person.

Been several years since my last visit to the Petite. Sorry I cannot attend this year either. I can suggest a great spot to Camp/Watch from. At the top of the hill at T2 is a action packed place to watch from. You get a great vantage point of the end of the long front straight battles through T1 and can see all the action leading down through the S’s and back up into T5. It was our go-to spot for great action.

Have fun and don’t forget about the support races on the days leading up to the Petite!

Thanks for the advice!
I’m coming in on Thursday and my buddy from Nashville will be there Friday so we’ll be checking out the support races for sure!

I’ll be there working in the Carrera Cup paddock under the Wright Motorsports tent. I’m the car chief on the white and yellow 88 McKenna 992. So if you see someone standing next to it that isn’t a driver it’s probably me. Come by and say hi.

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That’s cool. I’ll absolutely look for your tent.
You guys race on Thursday right?

Have two practices and qualifying on Wednesday, two races Thursday, third race Friday.

Here’s the IMSA provisional schedule for Petit


Good luck and may the wind be at your teams back.

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