Road course starts with a KA 100 AC

When I race my KA and my X30 karts on the road courses, I can take off from a still position but once it starts going it wants to boooooggggg down and want go. It does finely get going at slow pace and then gets up to speed, by this the entire field is gone. Can someone please help me with this? Thanks

You are asking a lot of the clutch to do a standing start with a KA or X30.
The bog will be from the engine trying to pull in a section of RPM its not designed to be in, the lowest efficient power producing RPM would be 6-8K RPM.
You could try pinching the fuel line to limit the fuel intake while stationary making the lower RPMs leaner but a dont really think there is much more you can do. When the Rpms are that low nothing is working efficiently, the carb is probably just dumping way to much fuel in for the amount of air going through it.

Should I try turning in the low needle about 1/2 then adjust accordingly?

You could, don’t forget to wind it back out though!!
It’s a try stuff until it works situation.

Fuel will be coming from both needles, it’s not a one or the other situation at that airflow rate.

2 strokes don’t typically have a lot of low end so If others are racing the same motors I would ask what they are doing to get up to speed faster. You may be overgeared too. You can try leaning out the carb but with KA at least the setting that is ideal tends to be a narrow target and might be tricky to dial in at speed.

Call Scott @ LAD Specialties in Chicago and get their custom enduro clutch for the IAME motor. We would spray our stock IAME clutch with WD40 on the start - that worked ok.

just spend the few bucks with LAD on their clutch for better performance!

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I have a feeling that you’ll stick the motor if you do that in a road race standing start. I would call Scott at LAD like Ryan said and talk to him. I think some tri-flow or WD40 would work well on the stock clutch though. Scott is currently in Vegas for ROK but if you call him next week you should be able to to figure out what to do.

Do you mean it’s slow compared to other KA’s and X30’s, or against other kart types.

If it’s against other karts types, that’s pretty normal. If you think about it, it’s like trying to move from a stop in 3rd or 4th gear in your car.

Use a waterproof grease on the clutch bearing.

Spray the clutch down with water before going out for the race, and push the kart out of the pits to not lose it. It’ll boil off as it slips and then it’ll catch with the engine screaming away.