Road Race karting alignment and set-up

Anyone have any recommendations for setting up a TAG 125 for road racing? Top speeds will be 85-89 mph, IAME X30 engine with 16 tooth drive sprocket.

I’m assuming the set-up is going to differ from the normal sprint track set-up. What type of front end alignment settings? Front track width? Rear track width, hub width, etc?

Any information is appreciated, thank you.

Generally you are OK to start off with your sprint setup and give the chassis what it needs from there. I’ve found that trying to “pre optimize” the setup just leads to a situation where you can tune yourself to the back of the grid.

What track are you running?

LIke James said, start with the sprint set up and then adjust with the exception of gearing, I would run the 16 tooth sprocket. At my first and only road race, I ran the first session with standard sprint setup. For the 2nd session, I minimized caster and narrowed the front as the kart was twitchy turning in. Also, I narrowed the rear track to reduce aero drag, which sort of offsets narrowing the front track.

The track I ran was Summit Point Shenandoah circuit. I ran a 16/85 but it seems the proper gearing was 16/84.
Narrowing the front track makes sense, make the kart less nervous.
Thank you both for your input