Robopong is Back for 2017!

Back for 2017, the RoboPong endurance race at NCMP has some changes in store.

NCMP will be hosting the 2017 NCMP TaG Endurance race October 20th to 22nd, featuring TaG karting engines complete with pit stops and driver changes! The race will feature a cash payback. Spectator viewing is free and pit passes are available for a small fee.

Track configuration is the National Track layout, approx 1:07 lap time on a dry track. The race weekend is three days with optional open practice for all teams on Friday. Practice, qualifying on Saturday and the 200 Lap Endurance race on Sunday.

Qualifying driver is the only driver that has to make weight after qualifying – all drivers will have to make weight before the feature event and the kart will be impounded on the hot grid, all karts that finish in a cash paying postion will be reweighed after the race with full fuel. No removable weights or ballast can be added to the driver before, during or after the race. All drivers must make weight after the race.

Race will be 200 Miles in length (200 laps), Approx. 3 hours and 50 minutes in dry conditions.

General Rules –

Drivers must be 15 years of age and up - Drivers that are in that 15-16 age group that still qualify for the Junior Can money race age wise CAN run the Robopong race and the Junior Can money race.

Entry fee for the Robopong 200 is $696.97 per team which includes 3 YLC 450x5 tires and 3 YLC 710x5 tires (price includes state sales tax). These will be the only tires allowed for use starting with qualifying. All teams must use those 6 tires for qualifying and the Robopong 200.

Teams can now attempt the 200 lap race with only one driver, 4 drivers maximum per team.

Teams with drivers all over 40 years old are eligible for the Masters Team win. Which will be a race inside the Robopong 200 race. If the Masters Team wins the overall Robopong 200 they will receive a bonus payment.

Pit Passes must be purchased separate for each driver and crewmembers.

Entries will be limited to the first 70 teams that enter

We will be issuing refueling jugs to all teams for the endurance race. This jug must be used for all refueling stops and must be unaltered with the cap on during stops. We are doing this to make pit stops safer and less chaotic. The jugs black screw on cap MUST be in place, it does not have to be tight but must be in place. It is the teams responsibility to make sure that team members follow these rules.

(1) Electric Impact Allowed Per Team during a pitstop, No Air Impacts

Engines must be shut off during pit stops and driver must exit the kart, if the engine is running or the driver does not exit the kart during the refueling or if the driver enters the kart before refueling is finished will result in a 30 second hold penalty during that stop or the next stop. If that is the last stop for that kart before the end of the race a 30 second on track penalty will be accessed by timing and scoring from that teams overall time.

Standard Floor Tray Fuel Tanks Only, No Enduro or 10 quart tanks allowed, 1 Fuel Tank Per Kart, fuel line maximum length is 4 feet long, Maximum Capacity Tank is 9 liters, You can fill up your tank with another object or objects to take up fuel tank space so you can run a larger tank as long as it has the same capacity as a 9 liter tank supplied in tech for comparison.

Maximum Fuel Line Length is 4 feet

No on track chain oiling systems allowed

All lead weight must be cotter keyed to prevent weight from falling off or double nutted

No Belt Drive Systems, Chain Drive Only

All teams must have a fire extinguisher in their pit box

No on board radios for driver to pit and/or pit to driver communications, there is a designated area to signal your driver with a pit board

TaG Rules -

Any TaG engine is eligible as per WKA TaG Engine Rules.

Rotax engines must have a passport and sealed per RMC rules. Carburetor settings must be RMC legal.

Motori Seven engines are subject to a light check and LAD port height gauge check.

WKA Rules will be used for all engines in tech except Rotax which will use RMC rules, there will be a post race engine tech.

Bridgestone YLC Tires Mandatory on all TaG karts 450x5 front/710x5 rear, random checking of tires may be done during pit stops, any team without the correct tires on the kart will be disqualified.

The race will be run rain or shine, it is driver/team discretion to pit for rain or dry tires during the race, in the event of a damp or wet track before the start of the race the race director will make a decision to start the race on rain tires or slick tires, after the drop of the green flag it is team/driver discretion to run rain tires or slick tires.

All teams will start the race on the tires they qualify on. After the start of the race it is up to the teams to decide how often to change tires. All team will be issued 3 450x5 YLC tires and 3 710x5 YLC tires. These are the only tires allowed to be used during qualifying and the Robopong 200 race!

Rain Tires MUST be any Bridgestone rain tire 450x5 front/600x5 rear.

Fuel is Gasoline and Oil Only. Must be NCMP VP110 racing fuel for all TaG’s except Rotax. Must pass WKA Fuel Tech, random fuel testing may be done in the pits at anytime.

Rotax must use fuel provided by NCMP, 91 octane, unleaded, no ethanol. Oil will be Motul Kart Grand Prix. Oil ratio must be between 32/1 and 50/1.

All TaG Team Drivers must meet minimum weight (remember these weights are with a FULL fuel tank for the race itself, in qualfying the kart MUST make weight however it comes off the track, make sure everyone on your team understands this) -

Easykart, PRD - 360 lbs.

Leopard, X30 - 375 lbs.

Rotax Max - 385 lbs.

All other TaG engines - 390 lbs.

We reserve the right to adjust weights during the race weekend in the interest of parity.

TaG karts may use onboard or external starters during the race. Starter systems and parts are a non-tech item for this event.

All TaG teams and drivers must weigh before qualifying on Saturday by 1pm.

Backup Kart –

The use of a backup kart will NOT be allowed. (1) Spare Engine is allowed per team.

Purse -

The trophy for the Robopong 200 has been named in honor of Two-Time Indianapolis 500 winner and Indycar Champion Dan Wheldon who ran the Robopong 200 from 2005 to 2010. Dan was a winner of the event in 2005 and the trophy bearing his name is on display at NCMP. The names of the winning drivers for the Robopong 200 are added to the trophy every year. Dan loved karting and we felt this was a fitting way to continue to honor a good friend and fellow karter.

Any companies interested in helping sponsor the event and put their product or company in front of hundreds of karters and spectators contact us!

Just remember when it comes to endurance racing anything can happen and every team has a shot at a top ten.

As someone that is involved in running an endurance race around the same time, heck yeah! This event is THE endurance race in karting in the US. Glad to see it return! Hope they get an outstanding crowd.

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Glad to see they are addressing the things that made it less fun to run.

In the past, it was such a stressful race to participate in. And you needed to know all the little pit stop secrets and have a whole crew of guys who knew what they were doing. Not to mention all the tires you needed to buy.

When we ran a couple years ago, the most fun I had was when it was done and we got to drink champagne on the podium! The racing itself was 200 miles of stress.