ROK 125 CC Oil Drain Plug Extraction

Hello All
I noticed oil leaking from my engine, it was leaking from the oil drain plug, when I tried to snug the drain plug the front of the plug broke off. I tried to drill it to fit an extractor on it but each time I put pressure on the drill the plug pushes in. Clearly the drain plug is stripped out, can I remove the clutch and the replace the housing or is it a bigger job?

Not an expert on the ROK engine but I’m pretty sure the gear oil drain threading is within the casting of the engine. If so that’s pretty unfortunate :confused:

I believe your worst case scenario here is going to be replacing the primary cover where the drain plug is fitted. That said, I would remove the cover and see if you can extract the broken drain plug bolt. If the threads are undamaged then new bolt and washer should be your fix.

Evan, thanks very much for the reply, I believe what you suggest will be the case, I am confident that the drain plug threads are totally gone. It’s too risky to have oil leaking out and possible destroy my engine.

If its a rok shifter that’s exactly the case. Can’t speak on a rok gp as I’ve never owned one, but I’d imagine it’s the same.

Primary transmission covers are available through all the engine resources I normally go to (sharkshifter and fastech) so you shouldnt have a problem finding one.

Thank you Jake, I appreciate the insight.

This is an update for anyone who might experience the same issue. The outer crankcase is not available, the only option is to replace the entire crank case. Since this must be done I have decided that I will simply rebuild the engine since it will have to be totally dismantled anyway. Not the outcome I would have wished for but on the positive side I will end up with a newly rebuilt engine, thanks for the input.

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Even, can/'t thank you enough. I checked this site earlier today and only saw the whole crank case.

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thanks evan I was about to post that.

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Hello All
I plan to order the cover, howver I would like to be sure that the gear and the bearing can be pushed out and reinstalled in the new cover, do you think this is the process?

Does anyone know how this gear is removed? I have taken al of the screws out it is not lose at all? I am trying to replace the housing but I have to remove the gear and bearing, thanks.

Your best bet would to be to phone up a reputable builder like swedetech and see if they can point you in the right direction to getting it off…

Thank you, i manged to remove it it is pressed you simply have to place a screwdriver in the gap and gently pry them apart.

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