ROK GP exhaust leak

Hello guys,

I own CRG ROK GP (SUPER ROK) engine and i have problem with exhaust leak. So i have all my back of the engine black :smiley: What do you use for better seal?
I hate when engine is completely dirty.

I was thinking of welding flange directly to muffler, but it will be much more work to do, when i will be removing exhaust and i am not sure if it could be done or its forbidden to “modify” exhaust

Thank You

Welding it might cause more problems than it will solve. The flange itself looks a little battered… you could try reworking it some to make it smoother where it mates to the pipe. You may also be able to stuff some exhaust wrap or a donut of some sort against the pipe and around the header exterior.

A little leakage is not unusual, but not ideal either.

Could try using some valve grinding compound and lapping the two to make a tighter fit.

Hey guys, thanks for tips. When i removed the muffler there was some red silicon, so maybe good to use it again. Or some grinding paste and little bit grind to fit better