ROK GP Gear Oil?

Hello Everyone,
Ive seen a little bit of conversation on here but still not really confident on the route to take. What are all of you using for Gear Oil on the ROK GP specifically. Ive read the manual I see that it calls for an oil everyone is saying is impossible to find. Here is what ive heard so far. I dont want the thickest stuff ever but I dont really care for the very thin stuff either. I run local club stuff and plan to change after every race weekend.


The gear oil vortex suggests is indeed impossible to find. When I ran my ROK GP I used motul 10w40 gear oil, it was what everyone at my local track ran and never had any issues. I also used 10w30 gear oil one time as it was the only one I had, but never had an issue. You don’t really have to drain the gear oil very frequently as it stays quite clean, I changed mine about every 2-3 months and never had any issues.

Thanks for your reply, I believe I will go with the Motul 10w40 gear oil!