Rok GP Or Rotax 125 Senior Max Evo

Looking at a blueprinted Rok GP and wondered what the overall pros and cons are up against a Rotax at a competitive level
Any help appreciated

Are you racing a Rok GP against Rotax at the same weight?

I believe the Rok has a power advantage.

Ebuka, I have a Swedetech Rok with 10 hours on the bottom and 4 1/2 hours on the top. Complete with radiator, two pipes, hoses $1500.

Yep same weight same class mainly seeking which is better in medium to high speed corners and straight line speed

Ebuka, the answer is it depends. Normally these engines don’t compete together so as TJ says the ROK GP develops more HP and therefore should be able to do more work. However, both the Rotax Sr Max and ROK GP have about the same torque. The Rotax is 21 Nm at 9000 rpm and the ROK GP is 20.2 Nm at 11,500 rpm. Assuming they had identical gearing the Rotax would pull more on slow to medium speed corners. The ROK GP has a top RPM of 15,500 and would have more straightaway speed on those same gears. And, nothing comes for free, so the extra work and engine RPM means more maintenance.