ROK GP - Torque Specs

I have the Torque chart from the manual for the ROK GP, it shows 1.2nm for the crank case, for example. However, if you watch the assembly video from Vortex on youtube, the guy says 1kg and 212nm. Another example is the bronze nuts on the cylinder head, the manual says 1.8nm and the youtube video says 16nm! Can anyone confirm for me? I have the correct torque wrench but I cant make sense between the manual and the video.

Thanks in advance!

It’s the same on the rok shifter, I believe they just misplaced a decimal point. 1.8nm is essentially the wind blowing on it

without looking at it, I’d say when you are referencing 1.2 or 1.8 that looks like a kgm value, when you see 16 or 18 that looks like a NM value. No Italian manual would normally mention ft-lb. The only weird number I see is 212NM, nothing in the engine calls for that much torque.Clutch basket should be the highest at 40/50 NM