Rok Shifter Clutch not disengaging

So pretty much like the title says. Rok shifter. No clutch disengagement. I basically have no clutch. I took it apart last night and nothing seems off/everything was assembled correctly. I can even see the clutch moving out when i pull the lever. But no disengagement. Im stumped. Anyone have any advice before i take the kart to my local kart shop (PKT in Wixom MI)??

That’s a weird one if you’re still seeing movement in the pressure plate…

I would inspect:

  1. the clutch disks to ensure nothing is sticking
  2. the springs on the pressure plate bolts to ensure none are broken and causing uneven tension
  3. the rod that actuated the pressure plate, sometimes these break
  4. the lever arm that actuates the rod, maybe it’s worn, or installed incorrectly?

It doesn’t take much travel to loosen up the clutch disks. There’s probably something else I’m not thinking of, but it shouldn’t be tremendously complicated either.

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Hi everyone. I figured the issue out and if can not tell you enough to check your stack up. My stack up was incorrect, causing my basket to sit outside the flange its supposed to rest in. This was causing my clutch to not operate properly. Hopefully this help anyone having this issue in the future.