Rok Shifter starter nut

After a week in the hospital, and knowing that karting will be a solo venture for me, I have to abandon the idea of the “tie-down” method of self starting.

A web search turned up this, similar to the old KT100 starters, but you provide your own drill:

Question being:

Any idea of the pitch/thread/etc of a Rok shifter?

Thank you!

Well that sucks. Hope you are ok.

If youre a hobby racer just order a european iame 175 shifter. Those come with an electric starter built in.

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Just buy a 3/8" Square Drive Socket Adapters, A deep socket that fits the ROK crank bolt.
Tape bolt together, place in drill.


Thank you all. A 175 would be nice, but not in the budget!

Thank you, I’ll take a look!

This is better:

Unless you have a cash buyer for a kidney/spleen/appendix/testicle/lung, I’ll have to settle for my Rok…

Never sell your junk. Not at any price. But of you do, the TM KZ-ES has a starter, so there’s that.

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I need to find someone with deep pockets flush with cash and low standards :laughing:

Lots of wealthy widows on the upper east side, just sayin.

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Yeah but that whole toll hike thing…

It’s not even a nice tunnel. What is it, like 20 bucks now?

I wish, $24 with the hike!

They aren’t kidding around. And still only two lanes in and out of Penn for the trains.

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