ROK TT Manual

Anyone happen to have an electronic copy of the manual? It seems to be nigh on impossible to find any information online about the engine.

All I was able to find was the homologation form in my files from when I did some work with TaGUSA

Vortex Rok TT homologation.pdf (724.6 KB)

Of course there’s the ROK GP manual:

I’ll archive it while i’m here: Rok-Gp-Owners-Manual-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf (1010.8 KB)

There may be a some similariities between the TT and GP.
@Garett_Potter, do you have anything laying around for the RoK TT?

I will send them an email see what I can get, normally they do not make an owners manual (not sure why), this is a USA thing only the ones we currently have we asked them to make.

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I asked the factory and they do not have an owners manual for the TT, where are you racing it. Be happy to make you a deal on a GP and I will send it with a manual :wink: If your interested email me [email protected].

Thanks guys,

I was really looking for things like max rpm and ideal rpm.

The motor is freshly rebuilt so I’d hate to not get the use out of it.

Garrett, I emailed you as I might like to understand what you can do :slight_smile:

I believe its limited to 16,000rpm.