ROK TT Manual

Anyone happen to have an electronic copy of the manual? It seems to be nigh on impossible to find any information online about the engine.

All I was able to find was the homologation form in my files from when I did some work with TaGUSA

Vortex Rok TT homologation.pdf (724.6 KB)

Of course there’s the ROK GP manual:

I’ll archive it while i’m here: Rok-Gp-Owners-Manual-ilovepdf-compressed.pdf (1010.8 KB)

There may be a some similariities between the TT and GP.
@Garett_Potter, do you have anything laying around for the RoK TT?

I will send them an email see what I can get, normally they do not make an owners manual (not sure why), this is a USA thing only the ones we currently have we asked them to make.

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I asked the factory and they do not have an owners manual for the TT, where are you racing it. Be happy to make you a deal on a GP and I will send it with a manual :wink: If your interested email me [email protected].

Thanks guys,

I was really looking for things like max rpm and ideal rpm.

The motor is freshly rebuilt so I’d hate to not get the use out of it.

Garrett, I emailed you as I might like to understand what you can do :slight_smile:

I believe its limited to 16,000rpm.

I’m also looking for some info on an ROK TT engine, and came across this old thread.

Does anyone know of a source for parts for the TT? Or maybe a resource for checking cross-compatibility w/ parts from newer engines?

I’ve got an older kart with a TT on it, which I’m just wanting to use for some recreational laps at a local track. One thing it could use is a new starter ring gear, as many of the teeth chewed up to the point that the starter doesn’t consistently engage. But I’m having trouble finding parts.

The homologation document linked above doesn’t really get into details of part numbers, and I can’t find a manual or parts list anywhere.

The best lead I’ve found so far is a single Italian website (, which has some TT parts listed. The thing that makes me hesitant about that site is that it seems to point to the same part numbers as a Mini ROK. And those part numbers listed don’t match the markings of what is actually on the kart now. I suppose it’s possible that the TT parts have been superseded. Or I suppose it’s also possible that the previous owner may have put on some parts that weren’t quite right.

So anyway, I was hoping to get a little confirmation that this is the right part before rolling the dice & just ordering the parts. And long-term, it would be great to have some resources for confidently sourcing of other parts in the future.

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