Rok Vegas coverage?

Is there a live stream for the Rok Vegas finals today? I swear that Kart Chaser said they aren’t covering it because ROK has an agreement with a different broadcast group, but I can’t find where to view it for the life of me.

Rok cup USA site has all the live timing but no mention of a stream.

I was searching this morning as well and couldn’t find anything about live coverage. I was hoping to catch the finals today.

They don’t understand the power of Xander and co. Karting coverage juggernauts.

I don’t want to follow events with live timing anymore.
Kart Chaser leveled up the game. I totally missed out on ROK Vegas this year. Just looked at the results.

RoK had KartChaser at the FWT this year and I thought KartChaser covered RoK Rio last year. I know I watched some of the races.