Rok VLR Experiences

Im looking at new engines and am trying to find anybody with recent experience with the VLR engine package. Looking for overall opinion on the setup? Any issues with it?

Im comparing the setup to the KA100 which is widely used where I run but not sure the extra cost is worth it while still a learning everything.

It’s worth it.
Just having the same engine as everyone else is worth the price difference.

Where are you planning racing?

I have no personal input, as my son races 4 stroke, however we went through a similar thing with our local club hanging on to Hondas for 4 stroke, when everyone else switched to Briggs. I couldn’t wait to get him on a Briggs, just so he had more people to race with and more tracks to visit. If i was you, I’d stick with the more common engine used where you plan to race.

Now that said, ROK is the main 2 stroke platform in Ontario, and I’ve never heard anyone have issues with VLR or any of the ROK engines.

Usually do practice days at Road America kart track. Plan is to ultimately join Tag Masters which both VLR and KA run. KA seems more popular.


RA and Badger both allow the VLR to run but the issue is it’s not really competitive. You also will have limited resources on parts. Nearly everyone is on the KA.

I know it’s more money but it may be better investment to get on the KA right away vs buying the VLR now and then wanting/needing to get a KA in 2-3 years to be competitive.

You can also easily travel with the KA for other series much easier.

Just my .02


From what I’ve seen between the VLR and KA is they’ve gotten pretty close with the newer CNC exhaust header on the VLR. Also most places are running a 10lb weight difference it seems. I’m a proponent of the VLR myself, but if everyone else is on a KA you’re probably better to go that route. Just for sake of having the same as everyone else. It makes it easier getting tuning advice, spares, etc.

Hey Dan! I race in the masters series your talking about joining. The VLR is not as competitive as the KA is on the 2 tracks we race at. The VLR hangs but I don’t see them up front. There are about 20 karts and all are running the KA. I have a great Source for engines if you are looking for one! Hope to see you out there.

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That was my concern was that after getting enough practice with it that the VLR wouldnt be enough and I would want to upgrade.

Yes let me know your source, I was planning on contacting Franklin kart if I went with the KA

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Can’t go wrong with Franklin. Their engine shop is one of the best in the country and the Sierackis are some of the best people in karting.

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There might be something going on recently with the VLR. There is a VLR running in Grand Master, not a front runner but he’s new to asphalt karting and getting better. On more than one occasion he’s been able to kill the KAs on the start like we were standing still and I don’t think he’s jumping the start. Last race in the main he was able to get around the top 3 and lead the race for a couple of laps. I was directly behind him for a lap before I was able to pass him and his top end seemed to be on par with my KA.