ROK VLR set up

I’m looking to get into a Rok VLR for a 100cc tag class year. I’ll be switching over from my kpv 4. Just doing some research and I can find anywhere that has suggested hi and low needle settings. Also does any one here currently running a vlr watch their head temp? It would also be a new engine so is there a specific break in process. Thanks for any help.

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Honestly, I’m not sure of many people who have a VLR on the forums. However, I would suggest reaching out to the Rok GP folks, or to Rok directly.

They probably have those engine guides. At least, they should.

We have a couple of people on here that work with the VLR. But the “Rok the Rio” event in Vegas on right now, it might be harder than normal to get an answer. I’ll reach out middle of next week see what recommendations that have.

It is a shame that the basic information that people look for can be hard to find. But on the other hand, we have an opportunity to address that.

The exhaust on the VLR does include an EGT bung, so there’s that. Generally that’s a faster responding measurement of where your jetting is at vs head temp. But it certainly won’t hurt much to have head temp to correlate.

Agree with James regarding the CHT vs. EGT. EGT is much quicker to change and in general if you see something wrong while reading CHT it’s probably already too late.


Can you guys relay your experiences with the VLR for Brian?

I spoke with Jeff colegrove at kart smart last week about the VLR and he was very helpful.

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Would you mind sharing what you learned?

Do they have any online setup material? (PDFs, anything?)

I can, I took notes but they are at home. He just gave me some tips on ideal EGT’s max rpm and hi and low needle settings.

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