Rotax 100cc air cooled

I have a 100cc rotax kart tgat was taken in excgange for classic bike parts its all there althoigh i have no spark at all im a mechanic by trade but dnt play with this sort of stuff so need some help possibly someone coming to help me make sure im doing things right.

There’s a few 100cc guys in here. Post a couple of pics so we know what model your dealing with.

If it’s a later model, say post 95 onwards it will have a large ROTAX jacket on it and probably a black PVL ignition.

The PVL ignition won’t spark unless it’s got about 450PM.
The older “red” motoplat ignitions will spark at about 150.

Here’s a guide for PVL ignitions:

PVL_Ignition_Troubleshooting.pdf (215.8 KB)

Its got a red pvl 105 458 coil on it if that helps. I tesred the voltage from the ht lead and got over 12 volts tbh im jyst stabbing in the dark. Give me a car engine of any sort and i can strip and rebuild it as its my job.give me the kart engine and pffft im shit lol heres a pic of the coil. 20190502_151619

I also have a question theres a red wire coming off the coil that goes to knowhere i tested the volts from that and i get 12v and over from that aswell.

Go through the troubleshooting steps from PVL and see where you end up. Check every single connection, especially the wires from the stator to the coil.

The spark wire screws out of the coil for replacement as well.

The extra wire from the coil, if it has a cover on it is for a kill switch.

How is the coil mounted? The silver part where the bolts go though needs a strong earth. If the coil is sitting on rubber mounts you’ll need a grounding strap to go from the coil to the engine.

Also, it looks like you have a Rotax DSD (95-97) or DSE (98-00)

Great engines.

I whipped up a video about PVL ignitions today. I need the practice anyway hopefully it’ll help some.


Once you have the spark sorted its onto the black art of setting the carb needles.