Rotax DD2 gearing?

I recently got an original DD2 kart (the very first generation with a Rotax chassis) and on my first outing realized it’s geared wrong for my local track. The current gear set (37 tooth primary and 60 tooth secondary) is way too long, so I’m looking to change them out.

From some research, it seems the clutch and drum on the old DD2 is different from the later ones. I found an old style primary gear/drum on ebay but wondering if the current generation secondary gears are backwards compatible with the original DD2? If so, I can more easily find those.

Also if anyone has old style DD2 gearsets kicking around, I’ll gladly buy them off you. Looking for a 34/63 or 33/64 set


Hi unfortunately they are not. The clutch is totally different so is the size of the drum. So no chance. You could upgrade with a retrofit kit to new clutch, but this is not worth for the old type of engine and chassis. So try your luck finding those gears. As i remember the new type started already from 2009. So after 13 years the chance might not too big

thanks for the reply! I understand the primary clutch/drum/gear is different on the old DD2, but is the new style secondary gear compatible with the old style primary? I recall reading this somewhere but can’t be certain. From pictures, the new and old primary gears look identical

This might be but the risk of getting some damage could be high. In my opinion just leave it as it is and wait for an occasion.

At first you have to find the primary gear and in most cases the come as a set

I have seen here in germany a seller who sells atleast a 35 version old style in used condition. If you are here from europe you might have a chance that he sends it.