Rotax E Kart new video


My only quip is thr Li+ batteries. They’re neat, & a step up, but they’re still heavy for the application, IMO. As soon as a viable, affordable next generation storage medium goes mainstream, it will be a game-changer.

Rotax is setting the bar for e-kart configuration. Looks like they’ve upturned all the proper stones with this setup.

Only 15 of these racing in Germany champs. I may be wrong, but I think they were struggling to attract drivers for it. It’s been running for a couple years now, so they need to get moving with it.

Maybe it’s just a a holding position waiting for adoption of regulatory bodies worldwide. The whole thing is a bit lackluster currently.

As an aside the electric class at TT has been cancelled. I think the manufacturers and promoters really need to start understanding what it will take to get these products off the ground. formula E is heavily subsidised by local governments and isn’t really a true reflection of the market. A LOT of work needs to be done.

This one went over my head. What’s TT Alan?

Looks sweet! I drive a Chevy Bolt EV, so the idea of an electric Kart is attractive to me. The BIG question is: How Much??? If a new Birel kart costs about 5 grand, the electric Rotax has to be, what, ten grand?

I’m not sure if the Rotax model is for sale yet. Motor controller is massive :hushed:

wouldn’t wanna flip one of those.