Rotax E20 race (electric)


The amount of effort they are putting into promoting that Rotax really need 30+ grids.

Nice to see Kekati doing well.

I would’ve thought these would accelerate 0-60 mph faster than 3.5 s (source). I assume battery weight is the issue. ~12 lap distance is also anemic, but again, batteries. The system itself looks well thought out, though.

Some day, SS Li+ or better will come along change the game.

That prettymuch crushes all non gearbox karts though, so there’s that.

Yeah. Shifters can hit 0-60 mph in ~2.5 s. I guess I just expected a little more.

Really interesting. Rotax is likely limiting torque to save on energy to limit battery capacity. Electric motors can be precisely power controlled much better than an IC engine. I’m pretty sure that it could out accelerate a shifter for a short period of time but then there wouldn’t be any energy for a decent length race. Electric motors can take a huge amount of current (3x to 4x) for a short period of time. The motor is likely sized for a design criteria to out accelerate a single speed kart.

Most likely.

I thought perhaps solid state Li+ batteries might be on the horizon, but obviously not.