Rotax Evo starting issues! NO spark!

+1 on repacking the silencer, while at it you can clean the pipe on the inside too. Do you have any ding on the exhaust?

Let us know what it ends up being, if it’s the packing or….?

I’ve been told it’s probably not the packing and just a crap exhaust! The exhaust is taking .5hp of the engine and it’s only producing 29.9hp

I’ve got new packing coming so hopefully that helps it but I’m definitely on the look out for new complete engine to race.

Hi everyone, wondering if someone could tell me which wire would be for the ignition cut-off on what I understand is the older DD2 engine that has 4 wires for the coil. Thanks.

Hello, what was wrong with the crankshaft sensor? I have the same problem in my engine but I checked and the piston and ring are fine.

In my experience the parity of the Rotax with the new cylinder has been pretty good recently (having to run the new cylinder to be competitive at the high levels is a different story, it’s just better).

As for exhaust it can certainly make a difference. Unfortunately last weekend I was ran over, to the point where it took out my exhaust and I had rubber marks on the back of my helmet. :neutral_face: Anyways I swapped to a backup exhaust and could feel it in my butt dyno it just wasn’t ripping as hard. Hopefully it’s just the packing, but as with all things racing sometimes you have to find that golden sample to find that last 2-3%. I can appreciate that Rotax in general tries to prevent horsepower wars, but it’s going to happen regardless.

As with anything electronic they can just crap out. There is the option to run a spacer/gasket under the crank position sensor. It might be worth trying before having to buy a new sensor.