Rotax Evo VHSB 34 XS

Hi There,

Anyone running the Evo carb VHSB 34 XS and have successfully striped it down? there is an emulsion tube which holds the main jet, it has a 9mm nut at the bottom of the tube which is not possible to get to due to the height of the tube. anyone know of any special tools to extract it? The needle tube i have a milled down 9mm which works perfectly however the extra height on the main jet tube means i can not use the same socket…

Use a 9mm spanner just below the main jet holder and that will remove the atomizer. You have to be careful though…my recommendation if its hard come out, leave it and just spray through with brake cleaner and compressed air.

My spoke to my local kart shop and they ‘mill’ the sockets. so i have a 9mm socket that is ‘milled’ around the outside for the needle set\jet. this is a perfect fit. for the man Atomiser they are going to provide me with the same 9mm socket but bore the inside so it fits perfectly over the atomiser… it should arrive today fingers crossed… a topical question… how are you measuring the float height. i have seen videos online but they are not entirely clear. Power Republic give an ok explanation but the video doesn’t really show… and secondly, does adjusting the float height rich/lean across the whole range?

Yes the modified/milled 9mm is what is needed to get the seat for the needle valve out. Great news with the other modified tool.

Measure float height the way power republic does it. Turn the carb upside down, remove the float bowl, remove the floats, remove the main jet and jet holder. Leave the atomizer tube in. You are then using a vernier and measuring down from the top of the atomizer tube where the jet holder sits to the edge of each float arm. Change the height by gently bending the middle portion of the float arm that sits on the needle valve up/down.

Standard height is 23.5mm each side. The recommended tuning window is 23-24mm. 23mm would be leaning and 24 richening. Yes when you change the float height you are making an overall lean/enrichment of all the circuits in the carb. Think of it as analogous to base fuel pressure on a fuel injected car.