Rotax Intake Box (lower half) Assembly Help

I’m hesitant to even ask this as it seems so obvious. I’m trying to insert the rubber intake pipe (2 pipe thing) into the lower half of the intake silencer assembly. I have tried everything, water + soap, oil, etc., with ice cream sticks, wooden chopsticks, etc. I cannot get the rubber lip to be inside the intake silencer. It’s just too tight.

Any tips or recommendations?

I watched every video, including Rotax’s own, and everyone skips that part for now obvious reason. You just can’t get it in easily. The manual didn’t indicate anything special.

It’s a pain, but the best way is to:

1.) heat the rubber insert with a hair dryer or heat gun to soften it up.
2.) push the whole thing through the whole on the airbox (both sides of the lips that sandwich the airbox)
3.) pull on the insert from the outside of the airbox while pushing on the lip from the inside so that one side pops through and you end up with a lip on either side of the airbox. Work your way around the full diameter of the insert. The last little bit will be the hardest.

I use a nylon string wrapped around the rubber groove. Fully insert the rubber and starting at one corner pull the string around to seat the rubber. Same method used to install window rubbers in cars windscreens. Plenty of videos on you tube.

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