Rotax lithium battery

Hi all,

Looking to get the lithium battery for my Rotax as I’m over the weight min and apparently it shaves off about 2kg. Does anyone know if these use the same chargers (trickle/standard) as the regular batteries?
Is there any other lithium batteries that are cheaper than the Rotax as my club is open rules?

Thank you

I recommend the Featherweight lithium battery. Much cheaper than the Rotax lithium, but has worked perfectly well for several years now. Here’s a link to purchasing FirePower Featherweight Lithium Battery

Also to note, the lithium batteries do not use the Rotax charger as it needs a lithium specific charger.

An interesting side note, the lithium battery seems to turn the starter motor a bit faster than the standard battery. Possibly a bit more voltage? In any case, even though it weighs almost nothing, it’s super strong and holds a charge well.


I will second this statement. I always charge after a race day and it never below 90%! But I use my standard trickle charger that I used the other battery before I got this one and no issues. But that may be charger dependent.

:+1:thank you,
Much appreciated