Rotax Max Engine Idle

On my rotax max the engine doesn’t hold up at idle!
My question is, should i tune through the throttle cable?

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Hold max throttle turned off. And press the small thing throttle cabel goes in and if it is a gap on the one on the carb you need to regulate. If not check the carburator jetting.

Idk so mutch about rotax jetting but you count the screw as an clock 1 turn is 1 hr a half turn is 30min there is i good ap you can download. Search: rotax jetting. In a appstore

The Rotax carb should have an Idle screw that raises the slide to hold idle. It will be on the side of the carb and have a spring between the head of the screw and the carb. You can adjust idle up by screwing in and down by screwing out. It is not meant to hold an idle at zero throttle, but more to keep it from stalling out off throttle. When sitting stationary, you my have to blip the throttle to keep it running. Holding at idle with no throttle input for too long will load up the spark plug causing the engine to bog or even stall out when you try to accelerate.

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I’ve already tried adjusting the idle screw but I don’t feel any difference in idle speed.
Is it normal for the engine to stall when not accelerating?

I probably have to adjust the throttle cable a bit then?

Has it been laying up for a while? Since it seems non responsive. It’s possible it’s got an air leak. Check the rubber boot where the carb is mounted to the engine.

It’s been out for a few years stoped, but now I’ve been using it often.

The rubber boot actually has some cracks on the outside, but on the inside it doesn’t appear to have anything.