Rotax max exhaust mount

I ripped off a part of the chassis which holds one of the exhaust mounts on it. I drilled into what was remaining of it and mounted the exhaust bracket onto that.

Afterwards I noticed some dark oily substance on the back of the engine which seems to be spraying out of the exhaust. A mechanic said it’s nothing to be concerned about, however I fear that by repositioning the bracket I may have changed the angle and seal where the exhaust meets the engine. Also I think it may be on too tight. Does the silver mount need to swivel or be immobile?

Should I just loosen the bracket and let it settle in by itself?

I had the same problem with my rotax max pre evo exhaust, where it leaked down the back of the engine. I just took the exhaust of and use a high temperature gasket sealer on the ball joint where the exhaust fits on. Worked perfect .
I’m not a mechanic , so don’t know if I did the correct thing or not . But like I say it’s been fine no leak or problems.

Yeah it looks like it’s shifted some with the new mounting point. You can see a small gap visible on the left side of the header where it meets the pipe.

You could try ob-longing the hole you drilled, let the exhaust find it’s own center on the stand and then tighten it up.

I’ve ordered a new gasket and I will loosen the bolt which should allow some movement to settle it.

When I was running Rotax I had two springs on each side, that also worked well to keep it sealed also

Turned out it was the power valve seal, the screws have worked themselves loose. A quick wipe and re tighten did the job.