Rotax max junior - upgrade to senior?

Goodmoning from greece , I just want to ask if anyone had made this upgrade from junior to senior on the same engine . From what I read at the net it’s something simple . You need only a barrel cylinder , top end parts and the system for the exhaust valve .
I’m finding a lot of used karts with the junior engine fitted here so I want to discuss if it worth it to grab one of those and make my upgrade .
Thanks a lot .

Its is really simple on non evo engine, you need the cylinder with the power valve with piston to match , you can uses same cylinder head and top . You then just put in bigger jet 170 to175 . Everything else is the same . However check the squish and I read somewhere that it will not necessarily be the fastest engine. I have put a junior cylinder on a senior till my son was ready then swapped it back when he was ready. The only problem is that the parts will be hard to find a a good price. Good luck

Many thanks jessie ,
That was helpfull , the price between a kart with junior vs a kart with senior engine here is about 500 euros .So it might worth it to buy the small and make the upgrade .