Rotax Max start problem question

Hi, relatively new to my rotax max and experienced an issue yesterday for first time. Battery was fully charged [and is not very old] but when i pushed start button response was very intermittent. When it worked, it worked fine and engine immediately fired up but button was doing nothing at all when pushed several times before. I might occasionally hear slight noise on odd push before it eventually fired as though it was trying to engage but on most occasions there was simply no response from pushing button at all until it eventually worked and engine fired up immediately.
I’m sure there are several things it could be [faulty button, connection etc.] but my initial question was whether it could be worn brushes in starter motor or would that not show these symptoms?

Most likely it’s the button. Any time I’ve had such an issue it’s always been the button.

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Write here in the forum at the search button " rotax max starter problems " i have seen a lot of post for help you .

I hope its the button but if its the brushes this video may help

Ok, thanks. My son also has a Rotax so I’ll be able to see if trying his sorts the issue :+1:

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I’ll have a look through that, thanks very much. Out of interest though, do you know if what I describe sounds like the sort of symptoms the brushes being worn out would give?

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Watched video, very useful even if turns out not to be issue this time.
Tried typing in “Rotax Max starter problems” as you suggested but only a couple of bits come up, unless I’m typing it in wrong place?

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Maybe some help from there its the kartpulse search from the google .

From my small experience in that matter , it is a possibility to be the starter brushes yes , but it could and most common is to find a faulty button switch .

or maybe a loose connection at your battery poles .
If you dont know how to use a multimeter to start troubleshooting via measurement , start from the simpliest and cheapest . and work up from there . the button as said before from Richard is your first check/step .

Thanks very much for your thoughts and the link, gives me plenty to go on, much appreciated.

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