Rotax Max Voltage Display and Battery

I will be running 30 minute races and would like realtime battery level I found this on Amazon seems cheap, anyone have any other recommendations?

Current battery on the kart is a old shorai lfx09l2-bs12 which needs to be replaced (or maybe rebuild?) is $125, there is a cheaper version Banshee for $79 and a even cheaper non-Lithium version for $23. What’s everyone’s thoughts on batteries?

Im using this cheap tester and it provides static and dynamic test on the batteries . Also you can see how much incharge you are and when its time to charge again or you are fine to continue use it .

My opinion for the rotax max engine batteries sub is you are gonna need a fresh 12v and 9AH batterie and if you can put some more money …batteries special made for go karting can handle mutch more vivrations from standart ones .

On my iame and old rok engines im using 12v and 7AH batteries but i have 2 available on a training day session and im charging them very often as weeks go by . I am not reccomended those for use on a rotax engine .

Go with a good 12v 9AH go kart specs battery . Charge it with a good charger and you will have a healthy electrical system . Thats just my oppinion .

Also search here in kartpulse for rotax max battery it has a lot topics to read about it and get some more help .

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