Rotax Micro Max to Mini Max


My son got a Micro Max engine, but you can make it a mini max engine.

Can someone help me out which parts need to be replaced and how does works.

I think you just take the restricted block out of the carb and re jet . It’s where the spring is .

In 2020, Rotax made updates to the Mini Max and Micro Max formats. To go from Micro to Mini, you need to replace 3 parts: the exhaust header, the exhaust “stinger” (the removable inner baffle in the pipe), and the ECU (the part located in the battery box that the harness attaches to).

Also very important, the squish gap needs to be tightented. The squish gap on a Micro is 2.4mm, while the Mini is 1.2mm. This is a quick job, and just requires the replacement of a couple $4 base gaskets.

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