Rotax Senior Max Evo Charging question

Hello all,

as a result of the pandemic I have decided to take my kart home for the first time since I’ve bought it.
I have never charged it before as the people in the shop would do it for me.

I plugged it in and is there supposed to be an indicator light on the actual Rotax ignition switch? Because nothing flashes or glows except on the actual plastic charger.

The only time I saw the red light come on, on the Rotax switch was when I tried starting it.

Do I have a dead battery?

The only time the red light on the switch lights up is when the button is pushed down to rate run position. When switched off and charging, the only light should be on the charger. It glows amber when charging, green when charge is completed. I leave mine plugged into the charger and no problems.

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ok thank you :slight_smile: