Rotax Senior Max - Losing time out of the corners

Hi everyone,

I pretty new to Rotax Senior and it’s my first 2 stroke kart. I have a lot of time to still find but I am realising that I am slow out of the corners and that is where a lot of my time is being lost. I have done some searching around and have found that the throttle makes a lot of difference with how you apply it which helps with getting out of the corner quicker especially with the rotax

Could anyone advise me on what I should roughly be aiming to do with the throttle, any tips, and tricks, or just general tips to help maximise exit?

Thank you

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Imagine the pedal is a wet sponge and you’re squeezing the water out of it. When you jump from rentals to 2 stroke it’s hard to train yourself not to mash the gas.

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Rotax bogs funny if you hammer it at low rpm, correct? Different than x30?

Still some but not the same extent. Still better to be progressive on the gas

Rotax requires very smooth throttle application, and it requires you to carry good apex speed to keep the kart rolling and on the pipe.


Might want to check to see if your carb is setup correctly with the right main jet and Clip 3 on the needle. If it’s too lean it will bog out of the corners.

Don’t think it as a throttle in terms of traction. Think of it like you’ve got a carb on that’s way too big and have to modulate the amount of fuel going into the engine, especially if it’s the pre-evo model.

I tend to be very lazy on the throttle for most of the day, and that always seem to work driving a MAX, as much as they breaks me from an emotional perspective :slight_smile:


Is it a non evo or evo?

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Roll on the throttle after you are done braking if you just mash the pedal coming off the corner you’ll just bog and lose a lot of time. Find that sweet spot and try to hit that coming off the corner where the Rotax pulls almost feels like Vtec in a Honda Civic. Jetting is also pretty important just download the Rotax app and it’ll give you the right jetting based on the weather by grabbing your current location on your phone.