Rotax Sr. Vs dd2

Im 15 and wondering what to buy a dd2 or a senior?
Also what about cost, what is more expensive to drive?

What is your experience level? Where are you located? What is your intent (racing or just lapping)? What is your budget?

I only see one reason to buy a DD2, that being if you anticipate going to the Rotax World Finals in that class. Otherwise, the huge downside to going the DD2 route is that it requires a unique chassis that ONLY works for DD2.

Senior Max is more user friendly, and can also be run on a “normal” chassis, which will come in handy should you change to another engine platform.

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I own both. For a young kid a ROTAX SNR is a much better option. The lap times are not that much different and the DD2 is a lot more difficult to drive.

For sure, also depending on where you are, DD2 basically doesn’t exist in many places.

South Africa seems to have an active dd2 thing going on. Footage from races at Idube are often dd2.

Why is the DD2 more difficult to drive?

It’s much heavier, you have the front brakes, so every time you apply the brakes the steering tries to straighten out. The whole thing is a pig to drive, constantly bottoming out and scraping.

I’m constantly breaking seat stays and after every run you need to check all the bolts because they have a tendency to vibrate loose.

I’ve lost wheels and even my gearbox housing had fractured from going over kerbs.

Also people seem to think it’s a cool F1 style paddle shift. It isn’t, it’s clunky and awkward to shift, often requiring alot of force to move the paddles.

Like TJ said, even here in Australia hardly anyone runs them.