Route 66 Sunday Pre-Final in KA100 Senior

After qualifying 24th due to a missing gas tank cap (oops) I had my work cut out in the pre-final to get within shooting distance of a second podium for the final race of the weekend. I had 10 laps, and put down arguably the best drive I’ve ever had in Route 66 competition. Unfortunately in the final our clutch failed 2 laps into the race after I had already made it into 9th place, ending a good weekend on a very sour note.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for video stabilization, I used Adobe Premiere Pro, but it reduced the video quality by a lot and I’d like to keep the 1080p footage if I could.

Bummer about the clutch. Nothing feels worse than handily making up for past blunders and hitting some reliability problems.

What camera are you using?

The best image stabilization I’ve seen recently is right off of the camera using GoPro 7 Black. The DJI Action cam looks like it might be comparable, too.

Im just using a standard Hero Session. I’ve heard about the Hero 7 having good video stabilization but I haven’t looked at getting one yet. The old YouTube editing stabilization was pretty good but they don’t have that feature anymore.

it’s pretty wild how good it is.

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It’s almost too good. A 6 has less aggressive stabilization thats also good.

Geeky info:

By the nature of software stabilization you’re not going to get a 1080p shot from a 1080p video. By that I mean, the file has to be interpolated up to 1080p by the software.

Software stabilization works by cropping the shot and then moves around within it by panning and rotating. The severity of cropping, and therefore interpolation to bring it back up to 1080p depends on how much adjustment it has to make. ie how wobbly the shot is.

One thing you can try (if you’re stuck with a camera that doesn’t have hardware stabilization) is to shoot in 4K. Of course processing the 4K shot is more intensive on your computer.

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Unfortunately the Hero Session only has 1080 as the hoghest resolution, I’ll have to look into a Hero 6 or 7

Well if you go that route the 7 is great and there’s a new one I’ll try to find a link to that appears great.