Rubber flooring in trailer

Hi guys, I’m moving from an open landscape trailer to an enclosed for this season, and I was thinking of gluing down a rubber diamond plate pattern floor to the wood in the trailer. I’m thinking it will be better for oils and fuels being spilled, easy clean up etc. Has anyone done this and were you happy with it?

I just did mine with the same flooring. My trailer is 6x12 but with the v nose it came 3" short of 14’. Looks good. I used black caulk around the edge. Undid the threshold in back and tucked it under and screwed it back down. Then I have the tie down rails screwed thru to hold it down. If I didn’t have those I would have used glue.

Also to cut to size I used the same cut line in the garage floor to get a fairly straight cut

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I used the same matting in my 6x12. It’s PVC material & holds up well to chemicals, also very easy to sweep clean. The 1 negative tradeoff is that it gets very slick when wet.

Here’s my 6x12:

Kart Trailer

As shown in the pics, everything is removable. 2 karts can be transported, 1 on the floor, & another on the bilateral folding shelves mounted on the vertical E-track (which can also double as seat benches). A folding workbench is mounted on the right (can be mounted on either side) & folds out of the way; removable tire racks are mounted at the top of the vertical E-track. Additional horizontal E-track is mounted up front, with 2 swivel E-track format tie downs installed in the front corners of the floor in place of the OEM tie loops.

PVC mat flooring is installed on the floor & ramp, with aluminum L trim on the sides, & aluminum plate in the floor at the nose to clean up the floor-wood joint, & additional L trim on the sides of the door to protect the edges of the mat on the ramp. Transition flaps at both ends of the ramp are a must.


I did my 6x12 about a year ago. It turned out really nice. All the cuts weren’t so clean but I was happy with it. Makes it so much easier to clean the floor. I don’t have any pictures but I think it’s a good investment, completely transforms the trailer.

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thanks guys, Sahib and Spencer, did you guys glue the floor down?

I used REC pro they had both the flooring and adhesiveIt came pretty quickly. I recommend thoroughly cleaning the floor and then using and trowel to smooth out the adhesive kind of like laying tile. I then laid some bricks on each corner of the rubber floor after I got it on the adhesive glue and where I wanted it. I let it sit for about 24 hours and then came back to glue a couple spots down. (Mainly the sides). You can get a solid price of wood and lay it on the sides so it adheres in one go.

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Finally got around to getting mine installed.

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Dont forget the ramp. Tac on some aluminum L trim to close the edges. Also recommended transition flaps on both ends of the ramp.

I wasnt planning to put this on the ramp, I’ve had a few guys tell me it’s really slick when wet, so I figured I’ll leave the ramp bare. The trailer already came with a transition at the bottom of the ramp, and I’ve got the aluminum checkerplate at work today to bend and rivet a hinge on it for the top transition.

It is slick when wet, unfortunately. I’m going to be adding skateboard tape strips on the ramp section to mitigate that.

Maybe consider a spray or brush on nonslip coating.

I have a couple rolls of 6" wide skateboard deck tape, so I might add a couple strips to the ramp.