Rubbered up track

Interesting idea from Australia. Using old tires as an ingredient in paving. Blocks UV and makes the surface last longer. Now does it also pre-rubber up the track?

I’ve heard about some karting tracks, that have used rubber pellets as an ingredient in their paving. I am unsure what benefits you get from it, though it is a thing.

From what I gathered it somehow makes the asphalt more UV resistant and lasts longer. But yeah, it would be interesting if it also adds grip.

Our track here in Southern Australia was paved 25 years ago, and it apparently had rubber mixed into the asphalt.
It has a temp range from 0c to 45c, I imagine the track itself gets hotter than the air temp and I guess it is closer to the hole in the Ozone layer (more UV)
We are looking at repaving so we have asked a few questions, apparently the rubber helps the track absorb and contract with temperature changes, without cracking.
A couple of tracks near us and layed roughly around the same time as us, have cracked quite badly, which I put down to not having rubber in the mix, but I don’t know for sure.

As for Pre rubbering the track, in my experience, no.
Rubber laid down by Karts however will protect a track, we have found that low use tracks tend to crack up because water gets under the surface without the waterproof rubber layer on top.

I think that it’s more of a way to get rid old tyres, in a more environmentally friendly way, asphalt is made from oil just like tyres after all.

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only one way to find out…